Spend Less Time Advertising and More Time Making Bank

Good leads are hard to get, and when you’re living the busy life of an attorney... Following up on those leads is even harder.

I’m Chris Lyle, and I remember the daily grind back when new clients were hard to find. As lawyers, we all struggle with it. That’s why I developed this unique and highly-effective system. In three short years, I went from having five clients to 320!

It worked for my own law firm and it’ll work for yours! Do the Smart Thing and Book a Call with my Team Today!

Make more money with every hour you save by using LawHustle.

You’re a lawyer, not a marketing expert. You harness the power of the law through countless artfully-phrased documents and arguments that help people win legal battles.

Talented lawyers should be free to focus on their craft rather than scratching their heads trying to write Facebook Ads.

Up Your New Client Base 2x Without Spending a Fortune

Leads are important for every business, especially for law firms. Your leads are the lifeblood of your firm. When your leads dry up, your profits follow suit. Many law firms struggle to find the balance between spending money on marketing and taking time to actually manage their clients.

LawHustle makes it easy to double your new client base. The best part is you don’t have to spend a fortune on marketing to do it!

What LawHustle Can Do for You

  • Follow up on all the leads you never had time to get to
  • Drive profits through the roof in 30 days
  • Save more time to spend on cases and personal matters

Stop worrying about where your next client is going to come from and start thinking about what you’re going to do when the phone calls start rolling in once you start using LawHustle.

“Before starting my firm, I worked for a larger firm with an entire intake department. So when I went out on my own I was struggling to manage my cases and still follow up with potential clients. LawHustle takes care of getting potential clients scheduled for a consultation, and then follows up to make sure I get a signed contract. This frees me up to handle more consultations, sign up more clients, and still manage my cases. I really can’t recommend LawHustle enough.”

- Sean F.

Where Do You Want to Be in Three Years?

Do you want to be running a small-medium-sized law firm? Or do you want to supercharge your growth and soar into the big leagues?

LawHustle can double or even triple your new client base in just 30 days. Law firms that partner with us in the long-term go far.

In three years I went from having five clients to having 320. But I didn’t stop there and neither should you. Every business needs growth to survive. LawHustle isn’t just a law firm growth system, it’s a system for success.

Doubling Your New Client Base Starts with One Phone Call

If you’re willing to increase your new client base 2x and see how the system works, you’re ready to book a call with my team.

By booking a call you’ll be on your way to supercharging your profits.

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